Avoid scams by never buying anything from overselling infomercials

Monday, July 16 2018
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Avoid scams by never buying anything from overselling infomercials

When you see commercials about super magical products that will remove 10,000 year old stains in just 2 seconds, or glues that will hold the pyramid stones together forever, just know that they are all scams. If you really are intrigued by the obvious bullshit commercial you see and hear and truly tempted to get it, because you are that gullible, at least do a bit on internet research, yes it is very very easy to do. Just search for the product name and append scam. EG "flex seal scam". You'll get enough information to let you know the truth.

These scam commercials tend oversell and use untrained actors who always over act. They excessively sensationalize a simple line with unnecessary facial expressions. Then there is the stupid fade to black and white scenes when showing the competition. No legible retailer will EVER do that.

One bullshit product is the so-called "military grade" tactical flashlight. They use actors who claim to be ex super soldiers, and they fully endorse the flashlight because NOTHING can destroy it and it can shine on Mars. This video says otherwise and proves that it is merely a cheap item from China that has been rebranded many times once the scam is exposed.

The next common factor with these scams is the claim of a bargain. They display the "true" price at $500+ but if you buy immediately, you only pay $19.95. Right away you should change the fucking channel. No one takes such a massive loss to sell a product for profit. What they do is get your credit card number and bill you multiple times for the same item, then claim there were clerical errors. To get your money back can take up to 1 year because they are reinvesting you stolen money.

Some reviews on the tac-light


These are scam products

  • Flex seal
  • Tac light and any other flashlight that market the same way
  • Tactical sun glasses
  • Pocket hose / Flex hose / Expandable hose
  • Any dick growing pill
  • All mortgage refinance ads


Sources for research

When you see the next super product that will magically fly for only $14.95, check the following credible sites for reviews.

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