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A very profound article titled \"Amid the opioid epidemic, white means victim, black means addict\"

A very profound article titled \

Brian Broome is an MFA fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and OPED contributor for various publications, and this quite profound article he published at the Guardian tells his observance of blatant bias and hypocrisy of the white labeling system.

He states

"America’s social hierarchies rule everything – even the opioid epidemic. You don’t have to dig deep to find the hypocrisy and insult to people of color"

That is quite accurate based on Wyoming Cowboys and now Buffalo Bills new quarterback said in a Twitter post, "if it ain't white, it ain't right", though accurate only to white people who seemingly see black skin as the scourge of the Earth.

Brian wrote about his time at a drug addiction rehab center in Pennsylvania where he met a white "friend" named Matt, who himself was taking action to overcome an addiction to opioids. He wrote,

Over the next few weeks, he and I attended group therapy sessions together and stayed up late talking about our problems, our addictions and our families. We ugly-cried in front of each other as we shared our darkest secrets, what we had done for drugs and how deeply unhappy we were. Matt is a man who, in many ways, helped me to take my recovery seriously in rehab and, in the first few weeks after my release, he helped me to remain sober on the outside.

Today, I sit in front of my monitor poised to cancel him forever [as a Facebook friend] because whiteness is apparently more addictive than any drug could ever be. We sobered up in the same facility, but he was a victim. I was an addict. Matt is a Christian. I am not. Matt is a Republican. I am not. And, most significantly, Matt is white. I am not. And these facts make all the difference in America, because Matt is a victim. I am a drug addict.

These self-evident truths will wait patiently for you outside the walls of the rehab facility or any microcosm where black people might begin to feel the illusion of equality is real.

For many years addictive drugs were forced on the black communities across America and no one cared because it was profitable for the producers, who are all white, and the lost lives didn't matter, because they were all black and labeled as lowlife addicts. No one cared until the middle class and higher white kids began to abuse all kinds of drugs, and then it was called an epidemic and the blame was leveled on black drug dealers. Now that the uppity whites are hooked on drugs and their lives have gone awry, the white society has given a new name to replace old nasty ones -- opiods.

Like everything else in America and around the white world, white folks cannot be bad, they are either victims, mentally ill, misguided or troubled. Even though white folks have their fingers on all that's evil around the world.

brian-broome.jpgBrian Broome: Photograph: Ryan Loew/PublicSource

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