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Maria Ahlin says pornorgraphy is a drug for men and a money bait for women

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While it may be true that porn visual consumption by any gender is addictive, there is no proven health risk or physical harm to the viewer. Yes it is mentally damaging because one could become so hooked that their social life is non-existent or their sexual relationships become unstable,however it's no more damaging than shop-a-holics who sometimes kill just to get that new iPhone. It's the effect of marketing and consumption. Porn satisfies a sensation, gives a relief, albeit temporary and short-lived, just like crazed shopper.

With multiple free porn sites in all media types, available to anyone at any age (regardless of all the child protections), everyone including christian preachers and their followers are consuming lots of ass slammin' every minute, and #PornHub , the largest free porn website, has the numbers to confirm:

Note that PornHub was created by practicing Jews and currently owned by very conservative christians from Russia, and practicing muslim, and the share holders are all folks who practice religions that condemn porn.
Feras Antoon, David Tassillo, Corey Urman The double standard is strong



Maria Ahlin's major concern in the video is the women who are allegedly abused, and many anti-porn advocates always make that statement as their logic for blocking or criminalizing porn, however the "star" of most pornflick is always the female or in the case of gay porn, it's both or all players, and they do it for the cash. So as one female porn star once said in such a debate, "who's really abusing who". If the producer offers $500+ to take a 9" cock in the ass hole, a young anal first timer will take that shaft and take the money. From then on it's just routine for her.


Maria Ahlin is a Swedish public speaker, educator, author and the founder of the non-profit organization Changing Attitudes. With hard facts, statistics, grit, and expertise & working for more than 12+ years on such topics, she challenges myths & old beliefs about sex-industry.


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