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It's crazy that American far-right racists applaud dylann roof though he hates the country!

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The racist white pig who in 2014 killed 9 black people who were praying to a white god, given to them by white people who enslaved, raped, beat and murdered their fore parents (such damn weak ignorance), is applauded by far-right trump lovers who claim they love America. The roof kid makes clear that he hated America by boldly burning the American flag. How dumb are they! Oh wait, they are low life trailer dwellers who believe the Earth is flat, no one went to the moon and that trump is jesus. So yeah, they are fucking scum of the Earth dumbasses!

A group which calls themselves "bowl gang" have formed to worship the racist pig before they stick his silly christian ass with a death needle. They hope to set him free by attacking the prison (good luck with that), or getting in as prisoners and start a riot to bust out. They are simply dumb white men who have delusional thoughts that are fueled by their christian trained bigotry.



Quit avoiding the fact and call it what it is. A racist whit terrorist pig!

Hurry and remove this white trash from the Earth.


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