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In 2011 the mighty Prince did a spectacular rendition of Wild Cherry's 1976 hit "Play that funky music"

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While the track is on the level of the funk genre which was the basis of Disco, because the group is white and known mainly for rock, the song is listed in the rock genre. Of course it could be due to the white rage against "black music" of Disco which led to DJ Steve Dahl's violent destruction of Disco records at a baseball game in Chicago in 1979. The white rage was so bitter that the game could not be played because young white men wanted to destroy any and everything that represented black people, and a fire was set which resulted in a massive explosion.

In some places they brought out street asphalt rollers and crushed records. They got the desired result. All the major radio stations stopped playing Disco and record labels were no longer producing music for black people and white men rejoiced. Naturally Steve Dahl and other white radio jocks claim their intent was never racially driven, but quietly told friends they believed the rumor at the time that the white race was being overrun by Hispanics, Asians and Africans (familiar today isn't it). It was just 10 years after the declared racist Charles Manson called for a race war to eradicate the black people in America. It certainly was not a coincidence. The Dahl is just a racist white pig!

The rock band "Twisted Sister" which was a star at the time, showed their hate for Disco by smashing records with a sledge hammer and later hanging an effigy of singer Barry White who was not known for Disco but instead for R&B. Of course they claim they loved black people and were not racist. Yeah right!

Dee Snider writes in his memoir Shut Up and Give Me the Mic, “The people there were screaming, ‘Kill the nigger!’”  According to Snider, the band quickly explained to the club owner that the hanging was just a critique of disco as an art form. As Snider tells it, the owner replied, “You hung a nigger. People around here love that.”


Steve Dahl leads the crowd in anti-disco chants during his Disco Demolition event at Comiskey Park, Chicago, on July 12, 1979



The all white hate crowd at the 1979 Disco death at Comiskey Park, Chicago were ready to kill. If a single black person was in that crowd, the white men would have tortured and hanged them.



Band "Wild Cherry" that produced the song "Play that funky music"



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