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How to easily take money from people who believe in gods. A great business model for wealth

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Taking money from people who believe in 'gods' is very easy and a great business model

The simple folks who believe in 'gods' want to hear anything fantastic and magical, and will give up money for such stories, as long as the word 'god' is mentioned multiple times. The mention count must be 3 - 7 times because for those values matter in religions. Not that there is any real meaning, but they just like to count like that. It's the reason the catholic rosary is counted when they pray, and must say 3 hail marys. Madness!

The major factor that makes religion work to get money from people who enjoy magic, is fear of something without giving proof. Just manipulate their minds and create the imagination of an evil and fiery place where bad people who don't pay tithes go, and sell it very sensationally. They don't need to know your credentials or experience, and if anyone asks for your facts, just tell them "god will punish you for doubting his true servant" and fear will cause them to back off. Heck there are people who declare themselves as prophets all across the African continent, and many can't even read, but they are quite dramatic and master show men, and they are all men.

Sell fear of the apocalypse

To date the greatest fear story and cash generator is that of the apocalypse, "end of days", when 'jesus' returns to fight 'satan' and take true christians to the utopia in the sky. That power story has been so successful through history that there have been multiple prophecies with specific dates of the end, and the message always includes a path to be safe by giving money to the preacher because he will pray a ring of protection around the people who have given money. Again, all he has to do is invoke the word 'god' 3 times or more in each message and it becomes "true" to the imbeciles. To the preacher, it just means a new $50 million jet.

Facebook makes it easy to trap simple religious folk

If you setup a Facebook page and give it a name phrase like "god is good always", then post all sorts of sensational rhetoric, spam groups and forums around the web, the page will rapidly grow into millions and all you do is sell them anything.

Here's an example. This page has over 7mil followers and all they post are MEME which are all copied from other resources. They never include any text because they likely can't read or write intelligible English, and their method of pay transaction is CashApp which is non-refundable. The average interaction counts is 10k likes, 1k comments (mostly just "amen") and 5k shares. They will post a support begging post weekly and possibly get paid.

The business of religion is great!


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