Tuesday, November 13 2018

Why Do Pornstars Use Alias Names?

Why do pornstars use alias names?

Ever wondered about this? It's not like they can hide from their friends and family just be calling them self "Zenna Zane", so why the fake name?

Well it turns out that it primarily has to do with family. The years of casting taboo on porn causes some families, especially the overly religious types, to dis-own a child who splays that pussy on screen or magazine, let alone be seen sucking on a fat cock. For this reason, porn stars, male and female, will use an alias so as to not taint the family name.

Some porn gals say it's not about family because their people are OK with the career choice. They claim it's about safety from stalkers. Others say it's about life after porn if they choose to get into a "normal" job or even public service. While that may be their thought, it's more of a pipe dream. With the power of the internet, one can easily research any person and get enough data to output their past life choices. Heck, just the fact that there has to be a paper trail of pay checks and tax payments, it's almost impossible to completely hide from the slam job.


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