Saturday, April 08 2017

This Nude Series By Hegre Is Great Art, But The Title Seems Racially Derogatory - Explicit Nudity

This nude series by Hegre is great art, but the title seems racially derogatory - explicit nudity

The adult media publisher known as Hegre Art produces what they define as art, not porn, kinda like Hugh Hef did with PlayBoy, except Hegre includes a dude or two gals. The site has gained popularity based on the concept of 'clean nudity', total nudity, beautiful bodies, beautiful people and orgasms.


This set titled "Coxy & Mike Animal Attraction" may have been one of equal labeling for both players as releasing their uninhibited animal lust, but it has been re-branded across the web, probably by Russian fake news sites, to indicate that the Black dude is the animal and Coxy, the White woman, finds his animal nature attractive. It sparked so much racial rhetoric that some one, likely a Russian fake news site, created a fake National Geographic cover and used a photo from the Hegre magazine, and a wave of idiots fell for it.

fake national geographic cover fake

Though, Nat Geo does have a page titled "The New Europeans" that indicates the transformation of natural Europeans since the era of slavery and indentured service when European elites stole people from other lands and brought them to various European countries to use as servants and slaves. The next wave of immigrants came on their own accord during and after WW2 since their lands were destroyed by European bombs.

Today the mass of immigrants fleeing to Europe are based on the same reasons, their lands and resources have been stripped by Europeans and the natives are left destitute, so they follow the path of their land's wealth.

What the bigots of Europe should note, is that they were the immigrants who invaded lands 4,000 years ago, and bred with the natives, therefore spoiling the true bloodline of Indians, Africans, Asians.


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