Thursday, September 13 2018

Like NIKE Says, Just Do It! Get Your Kicks And Even Some Licks.

Like NIKE says, just do it! Get your kicks and even some licks.

In the days old when evil christians ruled the world with lies and mass murder, female orgasm was considered "sinful" and punishable by all kinds of evil devices created by MEN. The rich women were always frustrated because their men treated them as prize meant for child bearing only, and those men went out to get off on common prostitutes. The women developed "female hysteria" and were constantly miserable.


Then one day in the 1700s a gynae doc caused a woman to have an orgasm while touching her clit and she was totally relaxed after. He realized the problem was just pent up stress. From then on rich and middle class christian women would go to those docs for a release and they weren't sinning because it was a "medical treatment" (ain't that some double standard bullshit). Later in the 1800s, Dr Mortimer Granville developed carpal tunnel syndrome from all that clit rubbing, so he invented the first vibrator and women have been free to "sin" at will ever since. Dildo sales in America topped $800 million in 2015.


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