Wednesday, December 27 2017

Hot Body Bernice Burgos Is About To Get Her Reality Show On HBO

Big booty hip-hop model announced on her Instagram page that her 21 year old daughter, Ashley is pregnant, so the youth looking Bernice Burgos at age 38 will be a grandma in 2018.

The word is out that she signed with HBO for a reality show and the naysayers have stated that it will be a flop. There's not much skilled acting required for these types of shows. She just has to follow the script and be overly dramatic, and with over 4 million Instagram followers, the viewers will show-up and that's all the producers require. In all, she's still all that and more and no hater can stop her progress because she has that all natural beauty and is worth approximately $1+ million. Much love to you Bernice "bold & beautiful" Burgos.

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