Tuesday, June 06 2017

Do You Struggle To Use The Gender Label "she" When Referring To A Trans-sexual 'woman'?

Do you struggle to use the gender label \

It certainly feels strange to refer to someone as she, when you know for sure they have a strong rod between their legs, yet outwardly is entirely female. Not because you are trying to denigrate or disrespect, but that you traditionally assign a dangling woodley to a man!

This woman is the quite beautiful Izabelly Marquesine, Brazilian, born male in 1992, and her appearance online has caused many men to question their "ability to spot a tranny" as they say. Apparently the Brazilian docs have mastered the skill of transforming men into perfect women because in Brazil, they are many who are undetectable even after the 10th glance. Of course it must be quite an expensive and somewhat painful process. Izabelly is now about 25, and she has been gradually transforming surgically since 2014. She says she has always been a woman though, just didn't have the proper parts.

Since the completion of her physical masterpiece change over, she has been in demand for model photographers who are not concerned with who or what gender she 'was', or even that 'her' massive 8" muscle dong may exceed their own, a size that drives fear into many women (you really should see it), they simply see a woman who is ideal for the shots they want. She is well traveled and well paid. An accomplishment she would potentially fail at as a male in poverty stricken areas of Brazil. It pays to be beautiful. Even if it's all synthetic.


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