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Gay dudes celebrate Lil Nas wilding out performances and it confirms the popularity

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One fact is certain with the newly minted hip artist Lil Nas X, is that he ain't afraid to be all that he is. This is is the epitome of mental and spiritual freedom, and the hate filled christians are mad and want him dead, which is their normal behavior from the invention of their cult and imaginary 'god'.

Through artistic history, numerous performers have unabashedly and liberally expressed their nudity and sexuality, such as Madonna, Grace Jones, Miley Cyrus, but not so much on the male side. This cat has let it all out! Showing you what he swings and how deep he will go, then he shows off his tight naked body, along with equally fine men. Lil Nas X has set a standard which allows all the gay men who have been hidden in the closet for a long time, to let their truth be know and ignore the hater consequences, and what they've realized is there is no penalty. In fact their employers have embraced and shown support for their humanity. The only people willing to do them harm are christian conservatives.

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