Earn $25 USD just to invite your friends to "Like" My-CaribbeanRadio's Facebook page.



  • Must have a minimum of 2,000 friends.
  • Must submit minimum 2,000 invitations using the friend invitation tool while viewing the page.
  • Must "Like" the page before sending invitations so your invited friends will follow your lead.
  • Must send screen snapshot proof of invitations sent. Taken AFTER sending.
  • Complete the below form.


  1. The Facebook profile page you submit with the form will be reviewed to confirm friend count. If friend count is not visible due to your privacy setting, send a screen shot via the image submission form further below.
  2. Payment is via PayPal, sent to your valid email address or transferred to your PayPal account if exists, after the screenshot of invitations is returned.
  3. Payment will be from Emuzement Net Inc., Tampa, FL 813-319-4253

Facebook Promoter Associate

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Proof Image Submission

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