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Every end-of-time prophecy has been just hoax for monetary gain: Here are the top 10 lies.

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The greatest revenue earner for the christian religion is the ominous threat of a doomsday when "satan" and "jesus" battle for souls, and only the "saved souls" will be taken by "the messiah". To date, since 336 AD, there have been about 6,000 prophecies which people believed, yet here we still are. They have all been just great business ventures.

The fact is there is no such dramatic magical moment to occur, and only intelligent folks can recognize this truth. Yes it is very likely that Earth can be annihilated and all life eradicated, but it will be a natural physical event, caused by an interstellar object (a big ass rock from outer space) crashing into our planet. Because the smart people who dabble in physics expect such a collision, they have developed machines that keep watch on the rocks within range of Earth, and have multiple devices which they HOPE will effectively divert the super boulders. It's all theoretical, but way better than a long haired white man riding a white horse in the sky, followed by white men with wings.


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