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Black women with unnatural straight hair hate their true Afrocentric attributes

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It is an unfortunate fact, but black women who spend money to change their hair texture to copy other races with natural born straight hair, simply hate their African attributes. Yes they are self-haters!

It is a fact that the stubbly hair of of sub-saharan Africans is absolutely unique, but due to 250+ years of white master enslavement, and being told that their hair texture is "nappy" and "unkempt", words created by the white man's language, black women across the globe now spend over $50 billion USD annually to rid themselves of their "bad" hair and copy that of their oppressors.

That is insanity and weakness

How can someone live at such a low level? When do they awake from such deep self-loathing and regain their pride and strength. At the rate of spending to bleach for lighter skin and hair altering since the 1800s, it seems that the scourge of being the lowest human kind on Earth will last for ever among black people.

How can this change?

There needs to be an African pride and recognition campaign established and aggressively taught for the next 20 years, then establish curriculum, globally, that teaches true African history and why their complexion and true hair texture matters and must be restored.

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so you want to strip the freedom of a black woman's autonomy to enforce and shove what you perceive is of African pride down their throats without a say?

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