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All deniers of the 1969 moon landing have been proven wrong

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There are so many unproven and unprovable conspiracies about the American moon landing in 1969 when Buzz Lightyear, sorry, meant Buzz Aldrin and his Apollo 11 crew walked that land far far away, and all those crazy chatters have been debunked.

But like the insanity of biblical tall tales of talking burning bush, 1.2 mile deep sea parting to allow over 2 million people to cross, the nuts who believe such obviously fictional stories truly have occurred, are the same who deny the landing on the shiny night disco ball.



This conspiracy takes the award for "crazy talk of the year"

They do not deny the moon landing, but declare that Americans were no the first people to touch the rock that stirs incoming tides at the sea level. No, they say the whacko HittyLer was there in 1943 and grabbed a world killer device from his boy "Moony"



1960s comic series "Moony from the moon"



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