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Across the world the statues of white barbarism are being removed or destroyed. Time to rewrite history

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The non-white people across the world have let go of fear of the wicked white barbarians and decided to fight. This action is 1,500 years overdue.

While the history books tend to portray indigenous people of all lands where white man invaded as "uncivilized" and "barbaric", the real BARBARIANS were the white invaders. They mercilessly slaughtered people who invited them in for shelter and gave them technological lessons.

Since the year of 2020 evil and hate by white nationalists across the world, inspired and led by the greedy and fascist drumpf family, non-whites around the globe are on a rampage to take back their lands and remove the images of absolute EVIL! This video shows Brazilians burning the statue of an evil white "colonizer", and white folks naturally call them "criminals", yet the white evil folks are the true criminals.

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