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A cop killed a cop while trying to kill a woman and the woman gets 30 years for his rage

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In May 2020 Jenna Holm went a bit crazy in a Idaho town and held a machete to her neck as a sign of self threat and the cops tried to stop her. Of course she swung at them, because that's what crazed folks do. Another cop showed up and figured it was a good idea to swing at her with his car, while the other cop was engaged and ran him over. WTF!

The cop died and Ms Holm was charged with his death and now facing 30 years in prison while the actual killer walks free.

The bizarre decision by the state prosecutors who of course are there to protect the lily white male cop.

State prosecutors say Holm is ultimately responsible for the death of Deputy Wyatt Maser because she had threatened him multiple times with the machete she was holding and disobeyed his commands.

Sgt. Randy Flegel, the deputy who ultimately killed Maser, managed to avoid criminal charges because of another Idaho statute that says accidents resulting in death are not punishable by the law. And according to Holm’s public defender Jordan Crane, if the officer who killed his colleague can’t be charged, neither should his client.

The circumstances that led to the wild shooting.

Jenna Holm was holding the tip of a machete under her chin and walking down a Bonneville County street when two sheriff deputies confronted her in May 2020. Moments after they managed to chase her, talk her down and tase her, one of the officers rushed over to take her into custody and was hit by the patrol vehicle of a colleague arriving on the scene.

Despite being incapacitated at the time of the fatal accident, Holm was charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault in the officer’s death thanks to an obscure Idaho legal doctrine that allows prosecutors to pursue involuntary manslaughter charges if a death occurs while someone is committing a felony crime.



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