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20 key lessons that Trump has taught every American child

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This list was published at the far-right forum called "disclosetv" where there is nothing "TV" about it, but instead, just the folks who believe the 1969 America moon landing was made in Hollywood, the Earth is flat and the bible is absolutely true. The crazies.

Naturally such types love the trump and hate anyone who posts factual text that point out the hate and failures of the man the crazies see as 'god'. For that reason, the author of the post was thoroughly beat up by low IQ folks who only know words like "fake news" and "yuge", so all they do is spew insults.

  1. Lying is totally fine. In fact the more you lie, and the bigger you lie, the better
  2. Never admit your own mistakes, irrespective of how obvious it is you were wrong
  3. Complain and whinge all the time, no matter how good you actually have it compared to everyone else. Play the victim at all times
  4. Women are objects
  5. Loyalty is irrelevant. In fact make friends with the enemies of your closest allies and friends. Turn on anyone, in an instant
  6. It’s all about you. Nothing else matters
  7. Money and fame is everything. No matter how much you have, try to get more
  8. Vanity is great. Never be humble. Wreck anything, no matter how big or small to make yourself feel good. Even your country, democracy or the future of the planet
  9. Appearance is critical, ugly people have no worth. Continually make cosmetic changes to how you look. Always try to look younger.
  10. ut others down. Anyone really, but especially the vulnerable. Be a bully
  11. Dismiss others who are not like you, especially if they are a different color to you
  12. You can get any job you like no matter how absolutely unqualified you are for the job. Just bluff your way into it, and through it
  13. Pretend you are something you are not just so you can earn the adoration of lots of people
  14. Show no love to your family, they are secondary to everything else
  15. Cheat on your partner
  16. Do not give to those less well off than you, no matter how much you have. Always take from others, never give
  17. Never listen to anyone else or take advice from experts. You know everything already and can’t learn anything from anyone
  18. Never put yourself in anyone else’s shoes. Yours are the only ones that matter
  19. Education is irrelevant. Especially learning to write and spell
  20. Popularity is life. Sacrifice everything to be popular and loved by people you don’t know

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