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DYNAMIC, FUN, REFRESHING, HIGH ENERGY AND INNOVATIVE are the hallmarks of Zip 103 FM's programming format.

Zip 103 FM is one of two STATE OF THE ART radio stations in Jamaica, (the other being the big brother Irie FM), with approximately 98% effective coverage of Jamaica on 103.1, 103.3, 103.5, 103.7, & 103.9 Frequency Modulation.

Zip 103 FM's reach also extends internationally through its website and social media networks, reaching a target audience at work or "play". Zip 103 FM is also the operators of the famous, aka DHR, a massive discussion forum on all aspects of Reggae and the dancehall.

Show Hosts and ZJs

  • West
  • Vybz
  • Sparks
  • Venus
  • Wah Wa
  • Elektra
  • Johnny Cool
  • Smurf
  • Rain
  • Dymond
  • Scoop
  • Ice
  • Rush
  • Jade
  • Liquid
  • Bruce Lee
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Bambino
  • Chrome


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