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World Indian Network Communications TV is a National Television Station broadcasting on Channels 37, 39 and soon VHF Channel 7. We are also seen on Cable Channel 12 and on

WIN Radio 101.1FM is a National Radio station that has been in existing for close to 12 years, it is a brand that is still very vibrant and alive, and since I resumed control on the frequency in early 2009, I have not only re-introduced the youthful format, but spiced it up with several big names such as Rikki Jai, Big Rich, DJ Sean, Tynnille Kissoon, Adesh Samaroo etc. As a result, WIN Radio has made tremendous strides since May 2009, and is already a key player in the market. With respect to WIN TV, we started broadcasting in May 2007, and tried to compete directly with the other National Stations with respect to our programming. We found that to be a mistake, since CCN TV6, CNMG and CNC 3 all have the same type of programming, bought out of Hollywood. We therefore returned to our original idea for the station, and niched it to the East Indian market. The result has been overwhelming! While there are several radio stations catering to this target market with tremendous spending power, we became the ONLY National TV station to do so. Over the past year we have seen a leap in our audience and our revenue. Targeting a market which comprises close to half the population, we soon found that we were able to fill a yearning need in the industry. Our exciting blend of original Indian Programmes coupled with the eternal pull of our Bollywood movies has resulted in a committed market, which continues to grow daily!

F 868-672-4610 . Shout Outs 868-671-4049 or 868-671-8038
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