Radio Belize

Radio Belize

Radio Belize

Radio BelizeMix is for friends to be able to listen to a variety of music including a sweet caribbean flavor. This station plays: Reggae, Soca, Punta, Paranda, Calypso, R&B, Hits, Pop,, Contemporary, Jazz, Country, Oldies, Alternative and  more.

Owner "Wil Johnson" brings his experience from several radio stations that included the old Radio Belize, Friends FM, Krem FM, FM 2000 and Love FM.

Our website is about promoting everything from our beautiful Belize & the Caribbean

Daly Music Schedule

  • 6am-10am: Pop or Slow jams
  • 10am-3pm: Lovers Reggae/ Roots Reggae
  • 3:pm-7pm: Soca/Belizean Cutlural Music
  • 7:pm-11pm; Slow Jams/ R&B
  • 11:pm- 6am: Reggae/Jazz/Country/Alternative
  • Saturday:  Old Disco, Punta, Dancehall, Hits
  • Sundays: All Oldies

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