Yes There Is Such A Thing As White On White Murders At The Same Rate As Blacks.

Not knowing of the mass White on White murders which occur daily in America, doesn't mean it's not happening. It just means that the White owned media prefers not to report them so they don't get into the the murder statistics. We only get the really sensational ones which guarantee viewers, and viewers convert to money for the media houses.

These 2, Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz, both 20 year old, killed 4 White men in Pennsylvania between July 5 - 7, over a few ounces of weed and burned them like pigs. Luckily for them they have the right skin color so they get fair treatment and fair trial, already they have declared Cosmo as 'mentally ill' and not a criminal. However the Cosmo dude totally confessed and even apologized. With the sentence he'll get, the boys in prison will have a grand time with his ass, literally.

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The slain men identified as Dean Finocchiaro, 19, Mark Sturgis, 22, Tom Meo, 21, and Jimi Taro Patrick, 19 were killed after DiNardo felt cheated or threatened during three drug transactions. DiNardo sold quarter-pound quantities of marijuana for several thousand dollars and sold handguns to area residents -- but he's not a criminal, just mentally ill.

These are the victims

Doesn't the first dude look exactly like Mark Wahlberg?

victims of white on white murders

This is how gruesome the slaughter was done. Quote Fox News

Kratz allegedly shot Finocchiaro. DiNardo then continued to shoot at his body after he had died, The Daily Mail said. Finocchiaro's body was then placed in a blue tarp and he was tossed into the pig roaster.

During a deal to sell marijuana later in the night to Meo and Sturgis, DiNardo shot Meo, The Daily Mail said. Sturgis then attempted to run away, prompting DiNardo to shoot him until he ran out of ammunition. He then drove over Meo, who may have still been alive at that point, with a backhoe. 

Kratz told police that DiNardo "basically crushed" Meo with the backhoe. DiNardo then used the same backhoe to transport the bodies. The men then dropped the bodies into the roaster, added gasoline and set it on fire.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said the bodies of Meo, Finocchiaro and Sturgis were found buried 12 feet deep in one common grave. The remains of Patrick were recovered from a separate location on the farm.

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