Why do black people boast?

Thursday, December 28 2017
Why do black people boast?

Is it that the period of slavery made Black people so low in humanity that they now feel the need to show off every material 'achievement'? Is it just relegated to ghetto trash?


Of course the response from a ghetto trash person would be "white people do it too", as if that makes it OK. Yes, white ghetto trash who taught you to do that nonsense, and to make such and ignorant excuse translates to -- 'those white people who I believe are better than my black ass are bad too' --

During the slavery era, black folks were less human than those white trash who in order to feel good about the little they had, would flaunt it at slaves. Now those ignorant sons of slaves boast the little they have to their peers. Stop it! It's a fucking niggerly act!

why do black men boast
residual slave mentality
absolute idiots

Alex Knowle


Long time blogger and supporter of socialism for human equality

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