Trannys Should Declare Their Status Before Intimacy To Avoid Beatings

Trannys should declare their status before intimacy to avoid beatings

There are men who are die hard homophobes due to religion, culture or just deep hate for gays, so much that they will mercilessly kill gay males. For those reasons, it's in the best interest of a transgender, AKA shemale, to declare their gender change to any man who shows intimate interest. Failing to do so is simply deception, and no one likes deception.

Trannies want to be accepted as their chosen gender, and while that's all socially correct, any partner in any relationship wants to know their mate's past, and if there are skeletons, or in this case a gender change, make it known. A straight male will be disgusted and enraged because his ego has been damaged, and if he believes in a mysterious god that says it's an 'abomination', he will feel justified to kill. Don't fuck with these men! Be truthful.


These are cases of men who killed their tranny lover once they discovered the deception.


Mercedes Williamson

straight men who kill trannies1

June 3, 2015 29-year-old Josh Brandon Vallum confessed to killing 17-year-old Mercedes Williamson and buried in a field. He said his rage was motivated by his fear of how he would be judged by gang members for having a relationship with a transgender woman. His mother Kelly Wilkins from the deep south bible thumping belt stated that her son's victim was 'living in sin'.


Zella Ziona

straight men that killed trannies2

October 2015 Rico Leblond killed tranny Zella Ziona when he found out that his fine Facebook girl was born all male.


Tyra Underwood

tyrone underwood carlton champion

February 2015 Carlton Ray Champion Jr., 21, a college football player who had an ongoing texting relationship with Underwood but never sexual, reached his rage peak the moment they met and 'she' told him there was no vagina. Carlton shot the transgender woman.


Dee Whigham

dwayna hickerson dee whigham

July 2016 20 year old Dwayna Hickerson stabbed tranny Dee Whigham 119 times after they had sex (anal), and he realized the ass hole was all that was available. He said in court that he just "lost it". He and Whigham had been chatting online for a couple of months but had never met.

They met in Biloxi and Whigham took him to the St. Martin hotel where he/she was staying and they immediately had anal sex. Hickerson said he thought 'she' just preferred sex that way until afterward when she told him she was a transgender woman. He said he did think it was a bit strange that 'she' wouldn't let him touch her crotch, instead guided his dick to the destination.


Be truthful to stay alive

In all those cases, had the tranny simply state in their online profile that they are a conversion, they would attract only the men who are into such alternative lifestyles and still be alive. Imagine buying a car which was converted from a Chevy Malibu to a Mercedes Benz CLK63, then realize it doesn't perform as advertised because the motor and drive train are Chevy. You'd be outraged because you were deceived. It would be best that the dealer said exactly what it was and attract the buyer who likes such a conversion. The tranny trick is the same. Declare yourself!

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