Tuesday, April 24 2018
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While the image may appear just as it did over 80 years ago in Germany, this shit just played out on April 21 in the great redneck state of Georgia, America. Illiterate white trash who call themselves neo-nazis, held a swastika burning following a white supremacist rally in the city of Newman, Georgia, on Saturday. Then they held a prayer meeting to thank the same 'god' that slave minded black people worship.

However, instead of observing and constantly yapping about this racist nonsense, non-whites need to stay prepared for a potential race war by stocking guns and ammunition, just as the bigots are doing. Be aware that the white 'god' has no interest in protecting non-whites, so stop the damn dreaming. Be ready to fight fire with fire!

Get LEGAL firearms, go to the range and train often, teach your kids to handle weapons. Don't harbor hate, just train to defend.

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