The woman that went crazy in the bookstore when they had no Paul Sheldon books

Sunday, July 23 2017
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The thing that makes a social media post "go viral" is its level of crazy or funny, and this video of a woman in a Barnes & Noble bookstore flipping out over a Paul Sheldon book, hit the correct level of crazy, but it was all a planned improv. She was playing the part of the extreme fan of fictional author Paul Sheldon from the Stephen King movie 'Misery'.

The video was published at Youtube in February 2011 by the theater group called Generic Theater in Norfolk VA, and it climbed to over 2 million views within 20 days. That means the effort was very effective. The woman playing the crazed character is Celia Burnett and the man behind the whole scheme is the theater director Jon Bremmer. The clerks at the counter were also in the plot along with about 40 people in the store.

Though it went well, they all had concerns of cops being called, 'cos that's just what people automatically do these days.

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