The VW electric car kit may be a great option for vintage VW enthusiasts

Friday, July 14 2017
By: MyCaribbeanRadio

Many people are seriously considering going electric as a low cost means of traveling and also to "save the world", and to satisfy that desire, a whole industry has spawned to provide electric motor conversion kits for all cars, especially for vintage cars.

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The electric conversion kits are more attractive to those with lots of cash to dispose, 'cos they certainly are not cheap! The lowest complete kit cost for battery pack, motor and drive train is around $15,000 and can go as high as $50,000. And if you really want some power to perform, prices get into $100k+. At those prices you could build a super speed demon with twin turbos and fat drive tires. It's like the guys who toss in a jet engine to their beetle. Just done for fun and one-up-man-ship!


Vintage VW Electric Motor Conversion Videos

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