The Negro Is The Bane Of The Entire World

Thursday, March 12 2020
The negro is the bane of the entire world

All races have used the negro as a tool to achieve all sorts of goals since the time of the invasion of Africa in the 8th century, simply because they have been recognized as the most gullible, absolutely ignorant, naturally subservient, fearful and down right dumbass.

Just about every so-called "pro-black" social media page is owned by white folks who work for the "russian propaganda" machine called IRA, and those pages are specifically designed to lead dumb niggers to their absolute demise. Those are the niggers who call themselves "woke". They tend to be poor high school dropouts, low IQ, believe in magical gods and fucking useless consumers, and they number in the billions.

The white pig looking dude in the above image is Yevgeny Prigozhin, from Moscow, and he funds the IRA propanga, and the black man (house nigger) is an intelligent fuckhead who was educated in Russia and trained to mislead his people. His name is Seth Mirewa from Ghana (maybe Accra) and he has set up a russian propaganda station in Ghana with the name EBLA (Eliminating Barriers for the Liberation of Africa), and hired low paying laborers to post all kinda lies at social media, at pages with names related to "pro-black", "jesus", "god", "allah" or any name that weak and uneducated niggers are attracted to. The content at the pages tend to slander Democrats, Pro-Life, Clintons, CNN, Obama, and everything that trump hates. Such content should make clear to the silly niggers that it's being posted by white racists, however their simple "god loving" mind cannot recognize the trap.

This is snap of a post at  one of EBLA's social page

The page pretends to be on the side of Democrats and is used to gather democratic black supporters, place them in a database for targeting of negative ads. The other use of the page is to stir riots that will make black democrats look like violent criminals, which is the purpose of this specific post capture. It targets a Republican senator and suggest "taking him out", which should trigger aggression, and it works. The accounts were being operated by username @africamustwake, which was traced to the EBLA location in Ghana. Thankfully, the "white savior" (without them the black man would be doomed) investigative reporter from CNN took on the case to expose the trolls and Twitter closed the account, but alas, there are many and they are relentless and determined to achieve their goals.




Quote from CNN report on the investigation

Facebook and Twitter had already been looking into some of the troll accounts when CNN notified the two companies of our investigation. In a statement Thursday, Facebook said that its "subsequent assessment benefited from our collaboration with a team of journalists at CNN" and it had "removed 49 Facebook accounts, 69 Pages and 85 Instagram accounts for engaging in foreign interference."

Facebook said: "This network was in early stages of audience building and was operated by local nationals -- witting and unwitting -- in Ghana and Nigeria on behalf of individuals in Russia. It targeted primarily the United States."

Facebook says that about 13,200 Facebook accounts followed one or more of the Ghana accounts and around 263,200 people followed one or more of Instagram accounts, about 65% of whom were in the US.

Twitter told CNN that it had removed 71 accounts that had 68,000 followers. "Most were tweeting in English and presented themselves as based in the United States," it said in a statement. "The accounts -- operating out of Ghana and Nigeria and which we can reliably associate with Russia -- attempted to sow discord by engaging in conversations about social issues, like race and civil rights."


CNN Investigative Report

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Beware of the disposable trap website called The russian fake news system created a site to make the operation appear legitimate and even added fake active donation campaigns, (yes they are WordPress donation plugins that can be padded from the admin area).



The religious element

The single factor that makes the nigger easy and ripe for use to forever benefit white and Asian folks, is their innate belief in gods. The trump regime has played that religious card quite well and acquired the highest house niggers to use as icons of distraction. If black folks awake and recognize that there is no fucking god to give them shit ('cos they are always seeking handouts) or save them from any white man, they will surprisingly rise from poverty and prisons. It seems the catholics were right that the negro is not human, that he was made as a brute worker for the benefit of white man.

Wake up dumb fuck head niggers! If god is white, why the fuck would it care about your dumb black ass?! The Hindus made sure to create gods that LOOK LIKE THEM! That makes fucking sense! You bow to gods that represent the man who enslaved and sold you like fucking livestock.

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