Monday, April 16 2018

Philly citizens unite to protest the racist action of Starbucks

Protestors have convened at the Starbucks where 2 black men were illegally arrested last Thursday, solely because they were black in a white establishment.

The white racist Starbucks manager no longer works at that store, but it's not known if the bitch was fired or simply transferred to an all white store. While the Starbucks corporate is claiming that they do not condone racism and discrimination, their stores do not reflect that. In fact, the reason the Starbucks store managers across the country feel so emboldened to flaunt their hate toward Africans and Asians, implies that the corporate office shares such bigotry and possibly use such hate language in managerial meetings.

The white trash racist cops were determined to arrest the black men, regardless of protest from the white patrons in the store. Even the white male friend who arrived to meet with the black men asked the fuckass white cop if they can simply go somewhere else and the asshole refused, claiming that the men were being arrested for "trespassing"! How the fuck is someone "trespassing" at a fucking public restaurant? These are the openly bigoted instances that makes one rejoice and pop champagne when a white cop is killed!

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