Wednesday, April 11 2018

India's obsession with light skin complexion is a scourge caused by ignorance

With an ancient bigoted caste system and unseen border lines based solely in skin complexion, millions of Indians spend over $13 billion annually with the hope of rising from poverty. The same is true across sub-Sahara Africa and the Caribbean and the producers of these skin bleaching products are 90% white people. Is anything wrong with that? The fact is that dark skinned people who bleach their skin to appear white, are confirming that white people are superior, and that makes them a copycat and copies are always inferior to the original.

The big question: is it immoral to cash in on this billion dollar skin bleaching industry, knowing that many dark skinned people are suffering from skin diseases in their later years?

dencia-.jpgDencia before and after skin bleaching extreme. Her product whitenicious advertised by her

Dencia is a Cameroon pop singer who gained fame primarily from her stint with soccer star Paul Pogba, and she declared that life is much better with white skin, long straight hair and big tits (all fake attributes) and she lives her belief. In fact, she boldly stated that "white means purity" and will always stand for white skinned people (what a trash she is). Her success has so impressed many black people that they hopped on a skin bleaching train. Dencia (or a business guru) immediately saw an opportunity and produced a cream call "whitenicious", and within a year her sales were over $11 million. Does that revenue override the potential skin damage?

Alex Knowle

Long time blogger and supporter of socialism for human equality

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