Glorifying the rhino sized folks

Tuesday, October 24 2017
Glorifying the rhino sized folks

Why do fat people like being fat yet hate being called fat?

The fat farm promotion has been heightened at social media with the goal to make fat attractive and ignore all the nasty negative side of being overweight. Regardless of the efforts to glorify fat folks, fat is still a disgusting sight and a horrible lifestyle. Every rhino sized celebrity has chosen to lose the nasty fat. Why? Because they realized there is absolutely NOTHING good about being nasty fat and to be truly acceptable in the high society, they had to lose the rhino body!

The life of an obese human is costly and tend to be a burden on a society. These are the facts:

  • Lard fat people have less than ten percent of the clothing options size 12 and under people have despite being the majority.
  • Big fat folks have to either painfully stuff themselves into shrinking airline seats or purchase several tickets.
  • Rhino sized people have to order and pay much more for specially sized jewelry.
  • Fat folks have to buy vans or trucks so they can slowly roll in and out.
  • Sea cows often can't find shoes that fit so they pay more for specially built shoes.
  • Fat people are rejected at night clubs and elite restaurants.
  • Cow folks have to buy extra seats for sporting events or theaters and are much less likely to receive free upgrades.
  • Obese people are 40% less likely to get retail or food service jobs, simply because they sweat profusely and more likely to emanate foul body odors.
  • Fat people are less likely to gain entrance to job interviews which require public appearance.
  • Ogre size folks are less likely to be approved for luxury apartments due to the notion that they are sloppy, lazy, unhygienic and potentially destructive due to awkward motion.
  • Fat women have very few options romantically. White fat women have a better chance because many Black men will still see the white skin as a prize, and knowing that she is rejected by White men, makes that type easy to acquire.

fat is nasty 001

fat is nasty 001

fat is nasty 001

fat is nasty 001

fat is nasty 001

fat is nasty 001

fat is nasty 001

nasty fat folks


The Resort Bahamas has created a pig farm to allow nasty fat folks to party together. Just imagine the stink that emanates from the piss and shit residue just fermenting between their nasty legs.

the pigs gather


A beached whale

beached whale


Sea cows sun bathing and giving the scavenger flies a time to feast.

sea cows sun bathing

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