Thursday, May 17 2018
Fat women are just weak and pitiful, and that confirms the stereotype.

So a sea cow named Savannah Phillips is on a public transport, United Airlines, and got all tearful and weak when she realized that the dude next to her was sending text messages about the fat smelly walrus next to him. That meant her. The piti-partiers jumped to her defense and verbally abused the man. How the fuck is that behavior any different.

Everything is so goddamn politically correct that freedom of speech is now a social crime. If a bitch is fat and stink, say it as it is. Stop being damn pitiful and nice to her just so she is not offended. Why does she get a free pass to fucking offend the society with her stink and visually disgusting appearance?! Instead of hugging the fat pig, confirm that she is a social disease and encourage her to change for better. Quit the 30 burger-a-day lifestyle.

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