Evolution of the big round butts

Friday, August 25 2017
Evolution of the big round butts

When the White man first saw an African woman with excessively large ass, they thought they were a combination of animals and human, and displayed them as freak show, as the case of Sarah Baartman in the 1800s. She was a Khoi woman from South Africa, and was taken to Europe, stripped on stage and White people paid to  gawk, laugh, mock and touch her with sticks.

sarjtie baartman

Even after her death in 1815 at age 39, the White abusers stuffed her body and placed it on display, totally naked, in museums and continued to earn wealth. George Cuvier dissected her body, and displayed her remains at the Museum of Man in Paris, and for 187 years, people paid to view her brain, skeleton and genitalia as well as a plaster cast of her body. In 2002 her remains were returned to South Africa and she was buried in the Eastern Cape on South Africa.

sara baartman in museum

For thousands of years, White men preferred women with limp flat asses and those women took the steps to avoid any ass growth.

flat assess

Since the late 1980s and the popularity of Sir Mix-a-lot's hit "Baby got back", non-black males started having a positive view of the Black woman's ass and developed a desire for that bubble. Now many non-black women have turned to implants or special exercises to grow that ass to attract the White men who now have the desire for big butts.

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