Clear Logic That Any Sensible Person Can Use To Question The Existence Of A Magical God

Wednesday, March 18 2020
  1. There are 'jesus' similarities with Buddha. Maya to Mary, miracle pregnancy to virgin pregnancy, birth during a journey home to from home, prophesied soon after birth, had a disciple who betrayed them, walked on water, Gautama left the palace at age 29 and 'jesus' appeared at 29, Gautama became Buddha at 35 and 'jesus' died and resurrected at around 35 too, after they passed away, 500 arahants witnessed compilation of Buddha's teachings and over 500 witnesses to Jesus's resurrection etc. All coincidental ? Beside Buddha, 'jesus' also copied from Horus and Mithra. Surely they ALL cannot be coincidental.
  2. Many of the Bible's mythologies was copied from older pagans, Greek, Egyptian or Hinduism religions(note the names too) E.g. Adam & Eve story similar to Atman and Jeewa, a pair of birds in Hinduism, big flood and survivor Noah/3 sons same as Manu/3 sons although cause of flood is different. Even the names of Abraham and wife/sister Sarah close to Brahma and Saraswathi beside having similar story. Regardless of which religion copied which, it proved this 'god' is NOT the only true god or all mighty as it doesn't makes sense to create or allow more copies or religions.
  3. Why a true all mighty and only god allowed their people to branch off and kill their parent religion Judaism ? This alone is enough proof that their God is non-existant. "Free will" as an excuse is not acceptable as earlier they claimed God killed all people with a big flood(without freewill) because they sinned.
  4. The bible condemned non-followers, clearly mentioned in Mark's words. Why should a creator 'god' religion condemn non-believers when in the first place, they claimed their 'god' created the world? Isn't this like playing both sides of the same coin, both good and evil ?
  5. Not knowing why or how the world exists don't mean that it was created by a god. Now "Creator" got stale, they use "Intelligent Design" What is so intelligent in its design? If people don't need to go to toilet and don't have unpleasant feelings and sufferings, then I will call it an intelligent design.
  6. Wisdom and meditation are not taught by them. Is it because they know meditation can make a person's mind clearer and wiser?
  7. The Bible copied so much from older religions but why don't they copy the theory of karma too? Is it because karma debunk the idea of an all mighty God or is it because karma belief prevent people from doing bad deeds ?
  8. The way the church preached and claimed simply lacked substance and logic. If you ask them intelligent question, they will always be evasive and say you are not serious or an evil.
  9. It don't makes sense to claim that only their believers will go to heaven and others don't since they claimed their God created all people. Such claim is an insult to other religions and cultures and caused people to divide. A good religion should be secular and treat all people equally.
  10. The way they collect titlings during Sunday mass is so tricky. They know people will be shy not to pay or tend to pay more when others could be watching. This is why they don't just use a stationed money box like Buddhism, Hinduism or Chinese temples where people can donate anytime. Catholics and Islam made it even bigger by suggesting donation of a certain percentage of their income.
  11. Most major festivals and holidays related to Christianity and Jesus, including Christmas(Jesus can't be born in winter), Easter, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, All Souls, Halloween and even New Year are copied from paganism which existed long before Judaism. They are similar both in dates and traditions, surely it can't be that coincidental.
  12. A true creator god should be the first and only religion. All the pagans, Greek, Chinese, Hinduism religions existed before Abrahamic religions. It proved Judaism is not the first but they copied other religions' gods, mythologies and ideas to create their 1 only god concept.
  13. Using fear: the afterlife or after death, hell or "end of the world" predictions every 2 years are common tricks too.
  14. Behavior of their leaders: The case of Mother Teresa and Pope Francis. Catholics used Teresa and made so much money from the Indians but after her death, those money are not returned to the Indians who are poorer than the Vatican. The latest encounter between Dalai Lama and Pope Francis further proved Christianity is more interested with their income instead of world peace. When the Dalai Lama was in Italy and wanted to meet him, Francis turned down because he is afraid of losing income from China. Later, the Pope can travel all the way to Thailand and Japan to hold Catholics events.
  15. The way the church used tricks like programs and events to attract the kids and lonely middle-aged people in Asia. Why must they use such tricks ? (this may not be in Western countries).
  16. Missionaries only approach those who are alone and not those in a group because loners are always better target in any scam or bad business. If their God is all-mighty, why need missionaries to proselytize?
  17. The ongoing child sex abuses committed by the pastors/priests that I read so often. They must have know that their God don't exist.
  18. The Bible is full of lust(fabled king solomon and king david), evil and violence. Their God killed countless people when the fabled "satan" only killed a few. What's the idea behind it if not playing both sides of the same coin?
  19. The Bible condemned dogs because they know dogs are man's best friend. Making men lonely is the best way to keep them dependent on religion. Otherwise I can't think of any other possible reason why the Bible must condemn dogs.
  20. If God created everybody, then homosexuals are God's creation too. Why then condemn homosexuality?
  21. Incidents, eg: 1) Italy, with the Vatican, is the first country with a major hit by the coronavirus, 2) The coronavirus in South Korea was spread from a church, 3) The Air Asia plane crash of 2014 when 41 church members, 2 missionaries and their few month old baby all died on their way for a christianity cult event. It well proved no 'god'. Could all these 21 points above be coincidental ? Certainly not.

The concept of 'god' was contrived by MEN to control and enslave humans and be justified in that action. To demean women and treat them as property and commodity.

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