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Wednesday, July 12 2017

Ignorant or just intentionally denying people will claim that cops are good and only being aggressive based on an individual's behavior, but that is all bullshit. The police NEVER use aggression on celebrities, especially White male celebrities, even when those celebs resist, are insolent and sometimes even spit on them. Why is that? It's just the cops' personal hate for the person in view.


A cop already decides how to handle a person based on social, economic, religious, political or racial status of the person. If the cop sees the person as scum, he has already removed any vision of human rights toward that person and approaches with extreme malice and prejudice. That cop is already prepared to savagely beat or kill the person, without fear of penalty because his superiors have practiced the same prejudices for eons, and now teach it to subsequent recruits. The police brutality will NEVER end for that reason.

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Alex Knowle


Long time blogger and supporter of socialism for human equality

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