Saturday, June 23 2018
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It has been well over 400 years since black people were captured and taken from their homeland and forced to build the white man's wealth. An era which should NEVER have happened, but it did because the black man was to weak to fight to the death. He does not understand the concept of "death before dishonor". He prefers to use his imagination and wish for a safe place and a magical being that will suddenly appear and rescue him. That being he calls "god".

That magical "god" never manifested 400+ years ago to save him from the white oppressor, and still today is absent, yet the white man continues to thrive off the weakness of the black man.

Instead of these stories of weakness supreme, there needs to be videos of strong black men telling how they beat the shit out of 10 racist white men who tried to harass him. Telling how with the power of his intellect and legal aptitude, he was able to bring down an organization known to be racially unjust. Enough with these fucking pitiful stories! Move ahead and fight back.

Death before fucking dishonor!

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