A Car Went Airborne And Crashed Into 2nd Floor Of Dental Office In Santa Ana, Ca

A car went airborne and crashed into 2nd floor of dental office in Santa Ana, CA

One may wonder how on Earth could this car leave the road and crash in to the second floor of a building. It all has to do with the launch ramp effect, coupled with speed of course.

On January 13, 2018 at about 5:30 am the male driver who had taken fun drugs, figured he could safely drive his Nissan Sedan (I know the feeling), then suddenly realized that all was not right when he went airborne and slammed the wall. He survived relatively unscathed after crashing his car in the second-floor of a house and no one else was injured. He was taken to a hospital and will surely be charged with driving under the influence. The DailyMail video shows the aftermath.

Caught on camera as it happened

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